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Search & Selection - "We Are The Finding Specialists"


Full Circle Associates specialises in finding the right people to join our clients. We source candidates for permanent and contract positions, using a range of methods from print and online advertising as well as professional selection methods to find the best people. The process is easily tailored to individual clients needs:

Step 1: Client Meeting

This initial meeting allows Full Circle Associates to gain a thorough understanding of the client's requirements and enables us to determine the exact specifications of the assignment.

Step 2: Proposal

We will produce a proposal detailing all aspects of the assignment including our terms & conditions, timescales, costs and the process involved.

Step 3: Advertising

Full Circle Associates will plan the advertising in the most effective media and can offer a professional design & artwork service. Once the ads are placed we evaluate the response, assessing each candidate and continually analysing the campaign.

Step 4: Research

We will use our teams expertise to research potential candidates who we believe fit all the clients technical and cultural requirements.

Step 5: Full Circle Associates Interview

Candidates selected as a result of stages three and four are interviewed first by Full Circle Associates. We use personal, technical and behavioural interviewing techniques, combined with our understanding of the client to shortlist the most appropriate candidates.

Step 6: Shortlist

A shortlist of suitable candidates including detailed notes highlighting particular skills and attributes is then presented to the client.

Step 7: Client Interview

Full Circle Associates will arrange for client/candidate interviews to take place at a time and venue convenient for the client.

Step 8: The Offer

After the second interviews the client decides which candidate/s they wish to offer a position to and Full Circle Associates will manage the offer process on their behalf. We also provide an aftercare service on completion of the process with follow-up calls and meetings as appropriate.